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September 15, 2022


Deciphering the conformational dynamics of gephyrin-mediated collybistin activation

  • Nasir Imam,
  • Susobhan Choudhury,
  • Katherina Hemmen,
  • Katrin G. Heinze,
  • Hermann Schindelin
First published:September 15, 2022
Efficient neuronal signaling depends on the proper assembly of the postsynaptic neurotransmitter machinery. The majority of inhibitory synapses feature gamma-aminobutyric acid type-A (GABAA) receptors. The function of these GABAergic synapses is controlled by the scaffolding protein gephyrin and collybistin, a Dbl-family guanine nucleotide exchange factor and neuronal adaptor protein. Specifically, collybistin interacts with small GTPases, cell adhesion proteins and phosphoinositides to recruit gephyrin and GABAA receptors to postsynaptic membrane specializations.