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September 26, 2022


Systems analysis of de novo mutations in congenital heart diseases identified a protein network in the hypoplastic left heart syndrome

  • Yuejun Jessie Wang,
  • Xicheng Zhang,
  • Chi Keung Lam,
  • Hongchao Guo,
  • Cheng Wang,
  • Sai Zhang,
  • Joseph C. Wu,
  • Michael Snyder,
  • Jingjing Li
First published:September 26, 2022
Open Access
A systems biology approach was developed to reveal the mutational architecture in congenital heart defects. Fine-mapping of mutations onto the protein interaction network uncovered molecular components explaining the comorbidity between CHDs and neurodevelopmental disorders and implicating endothelial functions in the hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

September 16, 2022


Evolutionary inference across eukaryotes identifies universal features shaping organelle gene retention

  • Konstantinos Giannakis,
  • Samuel J. Arrowsmith,
  • Luke Richards,
  • Sara Gasparini,
  • Joanna M. Chustecki,
  • Ellen C. Røyrvik,
  • Iain G. Johnston
First published:September 16, 2022
Open Access
Why do mitochondria and plastids retain genes, and might the reasons be the same across all organelles? Giannakis and Arrowsmith et al. combine large-scale bioinformatic analysis with quantitative modelling of different possible mechanisms to find universal “rules” of how gene features govern the patterns of organelle genome evolution across eukaryotes.