Propose Article

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (TIPS) welcomes ideas and proposals within the scope of the journal. Please see Aims and Scope for more details on the scope of the journal.

Please note that TIPS is a reviews only journal and cannot accept any proposals for articles that include new, previously unpublished primary research data.

Proposals should be sent directly to the Editor at Please ensure the details listed below are included in the proposal.

  1. Co-author names, complete affiliations and ORCID IDs. Please include details showing the authors' relevant expertise on the suggested topic.
  2. The article type being proposed. Please see Instructions for Authors for details on article types in TIPS.
  3. A point-by-point summary (~300-600 words) outlining what will be discussed in the article and why it is timely.
  4. A list of 10-20 (Reviews and Opinions)/ 5-10 (Forums, Science and Society and Scientific Life) key recent primary research references (published in the past 2-4 years) that indicate the intended breadth and balance of the proposed article. Kindly ensure that these are not all authors’ own works.

For Letter proposals, please supply the full letter itself (700-800 words, ~12 references).